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Tips on fuel economy

We always try to improve our fuel consumption and with the right approach, we can save some money and importantly the nature surrounding us.


The consumption of gasoline depends on the ability of the driver to drive a car, the car make and whether it is a highly efficient BMW X vehicle or some old muscle car, engine oil, the environment and many more reasons. Keep in mind, though, that it is not possible to dramatically improve your fuel efficiency but at least you can slightly reduce the fuel consumption if you follow some our tips below.


Everyone drives a car in a different manner and at a different speed. However, if the speed of the car is more or less homogeneous (that is it does not change all the time) and not very high (to do this, you can avoid sudden braking and starts), this will be the thing that will let you save on fuel. We know that in the city, cars consume more gasoline because we have to ride in low gears. Try to plan your way a little, so that you could drive less at a very small speed. The earlier you switch to a higher gear (3 – 4 – 5), the fuller the fuel tank of your car will be.


Because of the open windows, the car is more resistant to air flows (which affects the consumption of gasoline), but this is incomparable with the energy consumed by the air conditioner. So if possible, do not turn on the AC, and open the windows instead. In the summer, you can add a little pressure to the tires, and the resistance with asphalt will be lower. Nevertheless, in the winter, the economy efficiency will be lower, as one way or another, you will have use the heater pretty much all the time.


If you do not use the roof rack, you had better take it down. Also, it is useful to dig into the rear trunk and pull out all the unnecessary things.


We all love big wheels with some wide tires on them. However, due to their width, they create unnecessary resistance. Of course, they look nice, but for long trips, it is better to install some standard wheels.


Some of you might know that the drivers who use GPS navigators on a regular basis cut their mileage by 2 thousand kilometers and more. That is what real fuel economy is!


So as you can see, saving fuel is not so difficult. Keep track of the pressure in the tires, change engine oil and all the filters, use sensibly electric appliances, do not speed and do not carry any heavy stuff in the trunk of your vehicle.


In general, we suggest you, when possible, take a walk or ride a bicycle, or buy some fuel-efficient BMW motorcycle. This is especially true if you need to go to the convenience store, which is located about 2-3 kilometers from your house.

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