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Six professional website design tips

The internet is one of the best marketing platforms available today and nearly every business has a website promoting itself. This means it is difficult for websites to stand out, as there are likely to be thousands of websites similar to your own.

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If you want to make sure that your websites stands out above the competition, here are six professional website design tips.

Create visual content

According to the Guardian, video will account for nearly 70 per cent of internet traffic by the end of 2017; therefore, the demand for video content is definitely increasing.

This is mostly because large images and videos are more engaging than text. Your audience is more likely to interact with your website if there is video content and beautiful images.

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Choose a strong domain name

Your domain name should be clearly linked to your business; ideally, it will also be relevant to your area, as this will boost your Google ranking. It can also be useful to choose a domain name that is memorable and easy to spell.

Embrace SEO

You should be using SEO to improve your online visibility. Make sure that you include relevant keywords and alt tags on images so that search engines can ‘read’ and rank your page, and make sure you are posting industry-relevant content to your blog.

Use a favicon

A favicon is the small icon that appears next to your website name in the address bar. This is a powerful tool that lets users know what your website is about; in addition, it makes your website seem more credible and professional.

Have a strong theme

If you want your website to stand out, you should use your company colours on every page of the website. This will help to create a strong brand identity and will make your website seem more professional. It can also be useful to embrace a minimalist theme that users find easy to navigate and digest.

Make sure your website is responsive

More people than ever are using their mobiles and tablets to go online; therefore, it is important to make sure your website is optimised for all devices.

Various activities done by the web designing company

LinkHelpers Scottsdale Web Design is really responsible for creating a most beautiful website. The web designers whom you choose to design your website should be a professional and expert in the field of web designing. Their wide knowledge and experience in designing and promoting the website will create many successful online businesses very easily. Moreover, the web designing services should be much reliable in their service and price that they charged from their customers are really worthy for their work. . Every businessman can own the website with the shopping cart system which helps the buyers to ship the products through online without visiting their store. Though there are many static websites available in internet, most of the online buyers will prefer only the website which has shopping cart system in it. Website which are designed with excellent flash effect and embedding a shopping cart system in it will help the online buyers to buy or sell their needed product through online itself. User will have an option of paying the retailers for the purchased product with the help of their cards or their internet banking facility.

If you decide to design a dynamic website then you can choose the word press or Joomla to design it. Both these technologies are highly user friendly for designing a content management system site. The website designers of any web designing services should have the capability to design a website using any of the available technologies. They will use pictorial representation rather than providing contents about business by placing video about their business since most people do not find time to go through entire website and understand about business. They will also place headings in proper place such that it will be more helpful on navigating within website. They also has dedicated content writing team who can able to provide unique content about their business and service to raise ranking in search engines using search engine optimization techniques. In social media engagement, they will promote their new business and services in social media websites. They will also an automatic tool that will publish changes in their social media pages when there is a change in company website. Same tool also classify type of news like products or services and based on category, it will be placed in appropriate field in website and social media websites. In reputation type of management, they will identify customer needs from their feedback provided on each product in website or through social media websites.

Doing SEO to bring more traffic to the website

Internet has made impressions on all walks of life and buy products of its facilities are enormous and it has made the world now indispensable without that. For contact, a company, an individual, a professional service provider will give the geographical address, phone or mobile number, profiles normally. Today address means email address and one’s website to be found though internet explorer. The market has addressed this necessity to its favour and found the service of website designing and development as a flourishing and essential activity. This is universal cutting across all continents and all barriers. The business of every website design company is growing as well as that of their clients to have a growing business by their designed sites.


The designers’ tasks


https://5ivemedia.com.sg/ has tasks of multi various aspects. So the designers have a good team of different abilities and exposures to different talents. Different software languages, some computer programming, Photoshop experience, good content writing, knowledge gathered through books and journals to know about the current trend of various trades and technologies are some of the important positive capacities which can make successful website designs for various types of customers’ demands. In nutshell, the team should have multi-talent in their team members which can be combined and bring a better design.


A perfect website designed:


A website produced and put in the search pages should have the layout well crafted, showing clear cut instructions to the users which reduces any sort of ambiguity and to have proper labelling. To make the website not only informative but also attractive, the attractive images or visual contents are loaded, for which the suitable language and software are to be applied. This has to be the latest to match the trend of the day and caters to the taste of the audience. There may be number of pages to be opened one by one and the navigation should be designed exactly. The navigation also should bridge the data for the viewers to the website. The screen and color resolution are to be made light and pleasant. The site https://websitedeveloper.com.sg/ who crafts a website for a client should keep in mind the specific target customer, the end user.


Only then the site designing can be of real result bearing. Though the company or the service provider may have very high credentials, unless it is exhibited through a well-defined and well-designed website, their ranking and business may not grow. http://www.loginmarketing.sg/  has really a very great responsible task.

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